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Indie Dyers

The Yarn Attic offers an amazing array of hand dyed yarns from indie dyers from within New Jersey to indie dyers around the world.

  • Anzula

    Anzula hand-dyes yarns and fibers made from the most luxurious fibers in the world like cashmere, camel, silk, linen, SeaCell, alpaca, yak, and milk protein. Anzula Luxury Fibers is located in California.
  • Into The Whirled

    Into the Whirled started as a creative outlet for Cris in the winter of 2008. Cris had always wanted to live a more creative existence and finally decided to leave the corporate world to launch the company. In the spring of 2009 Cris and James participated in their first fiber festival, a small, but memorable, event in a little town called Clermont in Dutchess county, New York. Into the Whirled is highly sought after at fiber festivals as their intense colors and various dyeing techniques are stunning.
  • Knitted Wit

    Knitted Wit is a woman-owned business based in Portland, Oregon, led by Lorajean Kelley. Since 2007, Knitted Wit has explored the myriad ways in which color and fiber play together. Ten years later, Knitted Wit is pleased to offer over 150 colors on 11 yarn bases.
  • Marianated Yarns

    Hand Dyed Yarns from Marian's Kitchen! These gorgeous hand-dyed yarns marianate in colorful marianades while waiting to join your stash. All yarns are hand dyed by Marian in small batches in her home in New Jersey.
  • MollyGirl Yarn

    MollyGirl Yarn, a music themed yarn company that strives to make rockin' colorways on sweet, sweet bases and stick in your head like a catchy pop tune. Their bases are all musically-named and every colorway they do is inspired by a song. Named after Molly, a shih tzu who had been the owner, Angela's, bestie for 12 years. MollyGirl was (and still is) a cumulative compilation of everything Angela learned in college and self-taught fiber arts mojo. .
  • Round Mountain Fibers

    Round Mountain Fibers is a boutique fiber arts studio offering a truly unique line of hand-dyed yarn. Their current collection is based on North American Birds, and their colorways and semi-solids are a reflection of the birds' plumage colors, with each colorway named after a specific bird.
  • Savvy Skeins

    Savvy Skeins is an independent yarn and fiber dyer, specializing in kettle and speckle dyeing. Each skein of yarn and braid of spinning fiber is dyed one by one in Allison's home kitchen in Texas. A lot of time and love goes into each skein and braid. Savvy Skeins' colorways are unique and standout from other hand-dyers.