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Meadow (Closeout) Luma (Closeout)
The Fibre Company focuses on interesting blends of natural fibers, carefully developing unique yarns with the perfect combination of softness and structure. The sophisticated and saturated colors of the lines are all kettle dyed to create subtle variation in tone and color.
  • Meadow (Closeout)

    The Fibre Company’s Meadow is their signature lace weight blend comprised of four luxurious fibers: wool, llama, silk, and linen. This unique blend of fibers is spun and then kettle-dyed to perfection. The fibers absorb the dye, creating beautiful tonality with subtle heathered undertones.
  • Luma (Closeout)

    Luma by The Fibre Company combines plant-based fibres with silk and wool to provide a lovely DK weight blend in a sophisticated, soft palette.