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Located in the province Aichi in Japan, Noro yarn is world renowned for multi-colored yarn, where each hank or ball of yarn is individually dyed to produce a unique combination of subtle shadings and vivid hues. Noro strives to make their yarn with care and devotion to constantly provide a pleasant surprise and great impression among knitting lovers all over the world.
  • Akari

    Akari by Noro Yarns is a lovely self striping worsted weight yarn put up in an ample 200 gram cake. Akari means light in Japanese so Akari's colorways are inspired by midnight sun, its light changing color from moment to moment.

  • Bachi

    Noro Bachi is a super bulky loosely twisted all-wool yarn, which sports a hazy halo that lends a soft quality to its gradient colors.

  • Geshi

    Geshi by Noro Yarns is a subtle self striping dk weight yarn put up in an ample 200 gram cake. Geshi means summer solstice in Japanese so Gehsi's colorways are inspired by the summer solstice, when the day light is the longest each year and everything looks brightest.

  • Ito

    Ito by Noro Yarns is a fabulous 200 gram cake of 2 ply 100% wool, worsted to Aran weight available in stunning Noro self-striping colors. Mix Ito with Silk Garden Solo for an even more stunning project.

  • Kureyon

    Kureyon by Noro Yarns is the original striping yarn. Meaning "crayon" in Japanese, this 100% wool will felt beautifully and any garments will become a wearable work of art. Great for colorful wool seaters, fun hats and felted totes.

  • Mirai (Closeout)

    Mirai by Noro Yarns is a soft silk blend yarn with vibrant colors. Meaning "The Future" in Japanese, this durable yarn is good for draping in any project.

  • Silk Garden

    Silk Garden by Noro is a lovely and elegant silk blend Aran weight yarn in Noro's famous color combinations. Silk Garden yarn is the perfect choice for knitted or crocheted sweaters, vests, ponchos, hats, scarves & more.

  • Silk Garden Sock

    Silk Garden Sock by Noro provides everything you could want for a colorful sock yarn. Durability with an amazing array of colors and fibers makes Silk Garden Sock one of a kind. Don’t limit yourself just thinking of this as a self striping sock yarn. Silk Garden yarn us far more than that! Only your imagination will limit what this beautiful lambswool, wool & mohair yarn can be made into.

  • Silk Garden Sock Solo

    Silk Garden Sock Solo by Noro is the semi-solid sister yarn to Silk Garden Sock. Silk Garden Sock Solo comes in a lovely array of colors that coordinate with so many of Noro's outstanding color combinations. Don’t limit yourself just thinking of this as a sock yarn. Silk Garden Sock Solo yarn is far more than a solid sock yarn.

  • Silk Garden Solo

    Silk Garden Solo by Noro Yarns is wonderful solid heathered worsted weight yarn made of mohair, silk and wool with a lightly plied texture. Mix Silk Garden Solo with any of Noro's self-striping yarns for an even more stunning project.

  • Tsubame

    Tsubame by Noro Yarns is a classic dk/ lt. worsted weight silk/wool blend. Each oversized skein contains 656 yards making it ideal for an endless variety of one-skein projects. Tsubame is named for the barn swallow that migrates to Japan during cherry blossom season.

  • Viola

    Noro Viola is an Aran weight, single-ply all-wool self-striping yarn, which slowly transitions from one color to the next.