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Beautifully Basic Comfy Cotton DK Drapey DK
Marvelous Mohair Mo' Slub Practically Perfect Smalls
Practically Perfect Sock Super Silky Suri Silk
Washable Worsted
Emma’s Yarn was started by Emma, a then 15 year-old home-schooled student who was simply completing a math lesson when she fell in love with dyeing yarn. It all started when she dyed a small batch of yarn for fun when learning about ratios in her math class. From then on, she just couldn’t get enough! Emma now divides her time between being a dedicated high school student, a beautiful dancer, and an amazing indie dyer. Emma’s sister, Aspen, has just graduated from college with a degree in Anthropology and has joined her sister in dyeing and developing Emma’s Yarn full time.
  • Beautifully Basic

    Beautifully Basic is a lovely hand dyed 4 ply fingering weight yarn with a tight ply and soft feel. Beautifully Basic works up well for sweaters, shawls, and accessories alike.

  • Comfy Cotton DK

    Comfy Cotton DK is perfect for warm weather knitting and crocheting. The cotton fiber is breathable, wicks away moisture, and is comfortable on the skin, while the superwash wool fiber provides structure and stitch definition.

  • Drapey DK

    Drapey DK by Emma's Yarn takes luxury yarns to the next level. Drapey DK is a soft sheen, great drape, and smooth texture. Drapey DK is great for sweaters and accessories.

  • Marvelous Mohair

    Marvelous Mohair combines Emma's Yarns gorgeous hand-dyed techniques in this stunning lace weight base of 72% mohair and 28% silk fiber. Hold single, double, or with another fiber for added interest.

  • Mo' Slub

    One skein of Emma's Yarn Marvelous Mohair twisted together with a skein of their Slubby Slub - the perfect pairing for a gorgeous light and airy texture.

  • Practically Perfect Smalls

    Now you can savor mini skeins of Emma's Yarn, Practically Perfect Sock, a beautiful 2-ply merino and nylon blend that has just the right yardage for so many mini skein projects. Practically Perfect Smalls have just enough stretch with exceptional stitch definition while maintaining a soft drape.

  • Practically Perfect Sock

    Practically Perfect Sock is a beautiful 2-ply superwash merino and nylon blend that has just the right stretch and is soft against the skin. It’s the perfect thing for shawls, socks, sweaters and garments.

  • Super Silky

    Made from 80% Superwash Merino Wool and 20% Silk, Emma's Yarn, Super Silky has a gorgeous drape and elegant sheen that looks and feels so soft! Seriously, you will want an extra skein just to pet and cuddle!

  • Suri Silk

    Emma's Yarn Suri Silk is soft, fluffy, and a great alternative to their Marvelous Mohair for anyone who has allergies or prefers not to work with mohair! Work Suri single stranded or hold with a strand of another yarn for a gorgeously soft halo of texture.

  • Washable Worsted

    Washable Worsted from Emma's Yarn is a super soft and lofty superwash merino wool yarn perfect for cozy sweaters and accessories.