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Crochet Hooks

We stock Knitter's Pride Dreamz, Waves, Susan Bates' Soft Grips, and Lauren Hill exotic wood hook sets for your shopping convenience.

  • Dreamz Crochet Hooks

    Dreamz crochet hooks by Knitter's Pride are made from densified laminated birch wood. This material is much harder than either ebony or rosewood, therefore providing a stable crochet hook.

  • Soft Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

    Susan Bates' in-line aluminum crochet hooks with soft ergonomic handles reduce hand strain.

  • Waves Crochet Hooks

    Waves Aluminum Crochet Hooks are designed by people who know and understand the art of crochet. All Waves hooks are single ended aluminum crochet hooks with sturdy, yet soft grips. Each hook has a cushioned, color-coded grip, unique for each size.

  • Crochet Hook Sets

    Waves aluminum crochet hooks, Dreamz Symfonie birch crochet hooks, as well as Dreamz bamboo afghan and Tunisian crochet hooks are available in sets to make organizing your tools even easier. Treat yourself today and have all sizes needs for your project list.