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Gima (Closeout) Kin Gin Sensai
ITO is Japanese for yarn or thread. ITO Fine Yarn is produced in Japan, a country with a long textile tradition. These yarns are unique and particular due to their specific composition of materials and colors, as well as their special production processes.
  • Gima (Closeout)

    Gima by Ito Yarns is a lovely 100% cotton tape which gets softer and softer as you work with it. Gima may be held single or double and is offered is an amazing color palette.

  • Kin Gin

    Kin Gin by Ito adds glamour to your knitting. Hold Kin Gin with antoher Ito yarn for a dressy addition to your knitted garments and accessories.

  • Sensai

    Sensai by Ito Yarns is a delicate mohair yarn blended with 40% silk giving it a luxurious sheen and light as a feather loft. Work with Sensai for lace or for light and elegant knits. Knit it single or multi-stranded.