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Gima Kin Gin Kouki (Closeout)
Niji (Closeout) Rokku (Closeout) Sensai
Urugami (Closeout)
ITO is Japanese for yarn or thread. ITO Fine Yarn is produced in Japan, a country with a long textile tradition. These yarns are unique and particular due to their specific composition of materials and colors, as well as their special production processes.
  • Gima

    Gima by Ito Yarns is a lovely 100% cotton tape which gets softer and softer as you work with it. Gima may be held single or double and is offered is an amazing color palette.

  • Kin Gin

    Kin Gin by Ito adds glamour to your knitting. Hold Kin Gin with antoher Ito yarn for a dressy addition to your knitted garments and accessories.

  • Kouki (Closeout)

    Kouki is a tape yarn from ramie and silk. Ramie is also called the linen of the east. The plant belongs to the family of nettle plants. The fiber comes from its stem. Ramie is the highest quality best fiber and has a unique strength with a silk-like shine. The processing of the fiber is extensive and can not be done fully automated, therefore it is cost intense. In the blend with silk ramie gives a high stability so that the knitted fabric does not wear out.
  • Niji (Closeout)

    Niji by Ito Yarns is a cobweb weight 100% wool yarn that is intended to be knitted or "mixed" with other Ito qualities.With Niji long, slightly irregular, variegated color courses are generated. Niji’s colorful expression is best when knitted with solid colored yarns. Knit it single or multi-stranded.
  • Rokku (Closeout)

    Rokku by Ito Yarns is a soft woolen spun 100% merino yarn. It has a robust and, at the same time, noble character. Due to the special coloration and spinning process used in its production, Rokku DK weight yarn has a light slub structure and unique color run which does not repeat in a set manner. Rokku is a great yarn for cardigans, pullovers and winter accessories. Knit it single or multi-stranded.
  • Sensai

    Sensai by Ito Yarns is a delicate mohair yarn blended with 40% silk giving it a luxurious sheen and light as a feather loft. Work with Sensai for lace or for light and elegant knits. Knit it single or multi-stranded.
  • Urugami (Closeout)

    Urugami combines the lightness of paper with the soft touch of wool. A twisted paper core fiber is wrapped in fluffy wool yielding a truly one of a kind yarn. The mixture of these different materials produces a smooth yarn with a clear stitch definition. The grip and drape of the knitted fabric are peculiar and unique. Paper textiles have a long tradition in Japan. Paper has similar properties to silk: cooling in summer, warming in winter.