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Extra Organic Cotton (Worsted) Printed Organic Cotton (Worsted)
Blue Sky Fibers started as a pet project, of sorts. Shortly after graduating college, owner/founder Linda Niemeyer's curious preoccupation with Alpacas led to her buying one. Soon Linda found herself with a lot of yarn on hand. She took it to a nearby yarn store, which was willing to buy and sell it. And the rest, as they say, is history. Today Blue Sky Fibers is known worldwide for its consciously crafted collection of high-quality natural fibers and patterns. One can only imagine how things might have turned out differently had Linda been obsessed with giraffes instead.
  • Extra

    Extra by Blue Sky Fibers is a light and soft Aran weight alpaca and merino wool yarn with a springy twist. Extra is, well, extra delightful to work with!

  • Organic Cotton (Worsted)

    Organic Cotton by Blue Sky Fibers is a super soft, lofty, and certified organic worsted weight yarn; perfect for summer garments, baby blankets, and cuddly sweaters.

  • Printed Organic Cotton (Worsted)

    Printed Organic Cotton by Blue Sky Fibers is a lofty worsted weight certified organic yarn created in Peru using a blend of an ink press and the artisan hand, this unique printing process creates a one of a kind hank.

  • Woolstok

    Woolstok by Blue Sky Fibers is a 100% fine Highland wool, which has a soft hand and has excellent stitch definition. Woolstok is available in 50 gram and 150 gram put-ups.