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Organic Cotton Aran (Closeout)
Great Adirondack Yarn Co Inc. began more than 30 years ago because of a passion for knitting and color, and are now one of the most well-known yarn companies around. Taking pride in quality fibers and exquisite colorways, from glowing, vibrant colors to deep, mysterious shades and soft monochromatic tones, they get their inspiration from the gardens, the land and all the creatures in their corner of upstate New York.
  • Organic Cotton Aran (Closeout)

    Great Adirondack Yarn's newest base, Organic Cotton Aran, is a 2 ply organic cotton base hand dyed in amazing colorways using environmentally safe dyes. Organic Cotton Aran has a soft sheen and is wonderful for those in warmer climates, or who have wool allergies.