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Pix Wacki Saki
For more than a decade, Universal Yarn has been offering high quality yarns with a broad array of colors, incredible softness, and fashionable design under seveeral brand labels including Wisdom Yarns and Rozetti Yarns. Their entire team is dedicated to giving you the highest level of service with every order.
  • Pix

    Wisdom Yarns Pix is a brightly printed sock yarn that works up in a fun striping pattern. Pix is durable and machine washable.

  • Wacki Saki

    Wisdom Yarns Wacki Saki is a colorful printed ball of sock yarn that works up in a bright striping pattern. Wacki Saki is durable and smooth blend of merino wool, bamboo, and nylon. Wacki Saki is machine washable too.