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Admiral Cat Print Boots Das Paar
Edition 3 Zauber Flower (Closeout) Zauberball Cotton (Closeout)
Zauberball Crazy
For more than 60 years, Hohenloher Wolle GmbH stands for the production and processing of hand knitting yarns that are “Made in Germany”. Their wool series “Schoppel” is the centrepiece of their company and is produced according to highest quality standards. This wool label symbolizes their dedication to continuity in their brand policy on the one hand and their innovative energy on the other.
  • Admiral Cat Print

    Admiral Cat print is a vibrant hand dyed variegated yarn perfect for knitting shawls, wraps, socks and more. It's a machine washable fingering weight yarn that holds it's shape no matter what you create.

  • Boots

    Boots by Schoppel-Wolle is an innovative sock yarn which looks both handspun and hand-dyed. Boots fiber combo of wool, cotton and nylon lend itself to a sturdy sock yarn in very interesting colors and plys.

  • Das Paar

    If you’ve ever wished for a perfectly matched pair of socks, look no further than Das Paar by Schoppel. Two 50 gram skeins of superwash wool and nylon sock yarn are wound separately from the same starting point so that each sock will match the other.

  • Edition 3

    Edition 3 is a sport weight, 100% superwash merino wool self-striping yarn in fabulous colorways Schoppel-Wolle is known for. Edition 3 has a slow, gradual marled color change in each 50 gram ball! Extra fine merino wool from Patagonia.

  • Zauber Flower (Closeout)

    Zauber Flower is a stunning 656 yard cake of extra-large cake of 100% single-ply wool in stunning gradient colors. A Zauber Flower is significant enough for a large shawl.

  • Zauberball Cotton (Closeout)

    Zauberball Cotton is a fingering weight, 100% organic cotton version of Crazy Zauberball! You’ll love this breathable, non-wool alternative for shawls, lightweight tops, pullovers and more.

  • Zauberball Crazy

    Zauberball Crazy by Schoppel-Wolle is a marled, or two-color, plied fingering weight yarn blend of wool and nylon. Crazy Zauberball is a great sock weight yarn for shawls, socks, accessories and more.