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Worsted & Aran Weight Yarns

The Yarn Attic features one of the best online selections of beautiful, weight worsted and Aran yarns. Because of their versatility, worsted weight yarns and Aran weight yarns are an excellent choice for beginners and seasoned crafters alike. For both knitters and crochet enthusiasts, these yarns are perfect for crafting fine clothing, afghans, children’s crafts, and more.

  • &Make Aran (Closeout)

    &Make Aran is a fabulously soft and squishy yarn which loves colour work, is easy to stitch, and brings joy to every stitch of your sweater, accessory or homeware project. A perfect blend of Highland wool and alpaca twisted into a staple 2 ply yarn.

  • 220 Superwash Merino

    Cascade's 220 Superwash Merino yarn is incredibly soft and available in a wide variety of colors. 220 Superwash Merino is washable and dryable.

  • 220 Superwash Wave

    220 Superwash® Wave is a super fan color shift yarn. The color repeats are very long with some high contrast and some tonal colorways. 220 Superwash Wave works up best with simple stitch patterns that allow the gradient effect to take center stage.

  • Angora Mist

    Angora Mist will easily become your go to angora yarn with its lofty drape and softness. Angora Mist is beautiful on its own or used as an accent yarn.

  • Cashmereno Aran (Closeout)

    Ella Rae's Cashmereno Aran is your go to Aran weight washable yarn, great for sweaters, baby projects and blankets.

  • Clean Cotton Multis & Solids

    Clean Cotton Multi is a durable and soft high quality yarn made from 85% recycled cotton and 15% recycled polyester and dyed in fun, dappled colorways.

  • Comfort Solids & Prints (Closeout)

    Comfort is an ultra-soft blend of super fine acrylic and super fine nylon, spun into a luxury twist.

  • Deluxe Worsted Tweed Superwash

    Deluxe Worsted Tweed Superwash is a lofty superwash wool with a soft tweedy look, which makes it a perfect choice for a cozy sweater or accessory. Deluxe Worsted Tweed is machine washable and dryable.

  • Eco Soft

    Isager Eco Soft is a luxurious blend of 56% alpaca and 44% organic pima cotton. The yarn structure lends itself very well to lofty sweaters and accessories. The yarn is undyed and in natural colours. Spun in Peru.

  • Extra

    Extra by Blue Sky Fibers is a light and soft Aran weight alpaca and merino wool yarn with a springy twist. Extra is, well, extra delightful to work with!

  • Fleur (Closeout)

    Fleur is a cotton and acrylic Aran weight blend of fabulous color combos highlighted with one strand of sparkle.

  • Harvest Worsted (Closeout)

    Harvest Worsted is a soft 100% superfine merino plied yarn dyed using roots, fruits, and nuts creating a color palette in earthy tones.

  • Ito

    Ito by Noro Yarns is a fabulous 200 gram cake of 2 ply 100% wool, worsted to Aran weight available in stunning Noro self-striping colors.

  • Kestrel

    Kestrel from Quince & Co. is a drapey organic linen yarn that knits up as a heavy worsted weight. Its chainette construction adds texture to simple knits that combine with the soft sheen to make a luxurious yet simple warm weather yarn.

  • Kureyon

    Kureyon by Noro Yarns is the original striping 100% wool yarn, that will transform any garment into a wearable work of art.

  • Line

    Sandnes Garn Line blend combines the absorbent and soft properties of cotton and viscose, with the cool feeling of linen. The combination of the sheen of the viscose with the matte finish of the linen gives the yarn an exciting structure and surface.

  • Lino (Closeout)

    Lino is a 100% knitted ribbon yarn, which has excellent drape and is incredibly soft. Lino is a refined summer worsted weight linen yarn.

  • Lucky Tweed

    Kelbourne Woolens Lucky Tweed is a classic authentic Donegal Tweed yarn made in Donegal, Ireland. Kelbourne worked closely with the mill to produce an Aran weight yarn with an authentic look and soft hand.

  • Maxima

    Maxima is a super soft and lofty extra fine kettle-dyed merino. Maxima is single-ply non-superwash with a hefty put-up of 219 yards making it a go to colorful worsted weight wool.

  • Merino Worsted

    Malabrigo Merino Worsted is a single ply Aran weight hand-dyed yarn of incredible soft Merino wool. Merino Worsted comes is solids, tonals & amazing variegated color combinations.
  • Mismi

    Mismi by Mirasol is a lofty Aran weight barberpole 100% alpaca yarn. It's incredibly soft, drapey, and dyed beautifully.

  • Modern Cotton

    Made in a palette of sophisticated neutrals and cheerful brights, Modern Cotton by Berroco is a blend of Pima cotton and Modal rayon, beautifully twisted to showcase stitch patterns and a soft hand.

  • Organic Cotton Aran (Closeout)

    Great Adirondack Yarn's newest base, Organic Cotton Aran, is a 2 ply organic cotton base hand dyed in amazing colorways using environmentally safe dyes. Organic Cotton Aran has a soft sheen and is wonderful for those in warmer climates, or who have wool allergies.

  • Organic Cotton (Worsted)

    Organic Cotton by Blue Sky Fibers is a super soft, lofty, and certified organic worsted weight yarn; perfect for summer garments, baby blankets, and cuddly sweaters.

  • Paint (Closeout)

    Paint is a super soft self-striping cake of washable worsted weight yarn; perfect for shawls, sweater, baby projects and blankets.

  • Printed Organic Cotton (Worsted)

    Printed Organic Cotton by Blue Sky Fibers is a lofty worsted weight certified organic yarn created in Peru using a blend of an ink press and the artisan hand, this unique printing process creates a one of a kind hank.

  • Remix

    Remix is a machine washable blend of nylon, cotton, acrylic, silk, and linen made from 100% recycled fibers. Remix is an exciting transeasonal blend that is comfortable in every way. Made in France.

  • Rios

    Malabrigo's Rios is a superwash merino plied worsted weight yarn, which is lofty and very soft to the touch.

  • Sami XL

    Sami XL is crafted from beautiful organic Peruvian pima cotton, this luxurious Aran weight yarn not only caresses your skin with a silky softness with every stitch. The perfect choice for warm-weather and child-friendly projects, it ensures quicker knitting and a more enjoyable knitting experience.

  • Seaspun

    Seaspun by Berroco is a 50/50 cotton and seaqual polyester blend. Seaqual is made from 10% reclaimed plastic from the ocean. It has a smooth-to-the-touch quality and its chainette construction gives the finished fabric a beautiful drape.

  • Silk Garden Solo

    Silk Garden Solo by Noro Yarns is wonderful solid heathered worsted weight yarn made of mohair, silk and wool with a lightly plied texture.

  • Snowflake & Snowflake Multicolor

    Snowflake is a lofty tubular yarn that patterns up like falling fluffly snowflakes. Snowflake is a super soft blend of pima cotton, baby alpaca, nylon and extra fine merino wool. Snowflake does all the work for you and is offered in a soft palette.

  • Stella

    Stella, a stunning silk and metallic yarn by S. Charles easily stands alone as a worsted weight subtle metallic yarn. When combining Stella's amazing colors, your next FO will stand out from the crowd.

  • Sueño Worsted

    Sueño Worsted is a worsted weight blend of superwash merino wool and bamboo with long-lasting durability and a soft springy hand.

  • Summer Seasame

    Berroco's Summer Sesame is a delightful light worsted weight yarn loaded with texture and complimented with subtle slow striping effects. This cotton blend yarn is light to the touch and easy to work with making it perfect for warm weather garments and accessories.

  • Sweater

    Sweater by Spud and Chloe yarn is a beautifully plied wool and organic cotton blend which is perfect for sweaters, blankets and accessories.

  • Tosh Vintage (MadTosh)

    Tosh Vintage is 100% superwash merino wool, that works up at a versatile worsted gauge - perfect for hard-wearing sweater and accessory projects.

  • Ultra Alpaca

    Berroco Ultra Alpaca is a 2 ply with the perfect balance of luxurious super fine alpaca and Peruvian Highland wool. This lofty worsted weight alpaca blends has an ethereal finish, while maintaining great stitch definition.

  • Vintage (Berroco)

    Vintage by Berroco is a machine wash blend features a wide color range and has an incredibly soft feel and yardage that goes on and on. Vintage's unique wool and acrylic blend makes laundering a breeze.

  • Viola

    Noro Viola is an Aran weight, single-ply all-wool self-striping yarn, which slowly transitions from one color to the next.

  • Washable Worsted

    Washable Worsted from Emma's Yarn is a super soft and lofty superwash merino wool yarn perfect for cozy sweaters and accessories.

  • Woolstok

    Woolstok by Blue Sky Fibers is a 100% fine Highland wool, which has a soft hand and has excellent stitch definition.

If you love working with the finest cotton, lambswool, silk, baby alpaca, merino wool, and even llama, The Yarn Attic offers the colors, styles, and brands to meet your crafting needs. Worsted knitting yarn is the one of the best of its kind, and The Yarn Attic is your one-stop shopping center for any color or blend you desire. These worsted weight and Aran weight yarns are irresistible, the perfect solution to your next craft project!