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We offer a wonderful selection of knitting, crochet & other craft books that will inspire. Some pattern books are more varied and some are specific; such as knitting two socks at the same time or knitting for that new bundle of joy in your life. Check out our selection of books to add to your skills, find a new craft or just get inspired by great designers!

  • Baby Books

    From adorable sweaters, hats, blankets to poncho our baby book selections will delight the youngest of knitting connoisseurs!
  • Coloring Books

    Coloring Books for the knitting and crochet enthusiast.
  • Crochet Books

    Treat yourself to a new crochet book and put a new twist on that stand-by granny square. We have books showcasing new crochet technique and motifs, enticing granny squares and even one skein crochet project books!
  • Felting Books

    Don't forget to stop by our felting shelf.... a wonderful technique which produces amazing finished projects!
  • Knitting Books

    From one skein projects, to more sock books than we care to admit, to expanding your knitting techniques... we have it covered!

Knitting and crochet books are an amazing resource for innovative patterns for your next knit or crochet project. Useful tips, stunning pictures and step by step instructions are at your disposal when working from a well-written knit or crochet pattern book.