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Lace Yarns

Lightweight lace yarn is meant for your finest craft projects and garments. If you are crocheting or knitting an elegant shawl, a fine, delicate sweater or a detailed shrug, The Yarn Attic has a beautiful selection of designer lace weight and cobweb yarns in every fiber or color combination.

  • Aerie (Closeout)

    Aerie by Marianated Yarns is an incredibly soft hand dyed lace weight mohair and silk blend yarn. Knit by itself, held double or knit double-stranded with another base, you’ll love the results.

  • Fairy Floss (Closeout)

    Fairy Floss by Knitted Wit offers the intense hand-dyed colors that sets Knitted Wit apart from other hand-dyers with a stunning kid mohair and silk lace weight yarn.

  • Findley Dappled (Closeout)

    Juniper Moon Farm Findley Dappled is a lovely spin-off from the original Findley lace yarn. Findley Dappled's variegated color-ways will have no difficulty matching up to one of the many Findley colors.
  • Gima (Closeout)

    Gima by Ito Yarns is a lovely 100% cotton tape which gets softer and softer as you work with it. Gima may be held single or double and is offered is an amazing color palette.

  • Kin Gin

    Kin Gin by Ito adds glamour to your knitting. Hold Kin Gin with antoher Ito yarn for a dressy addition to your knitted garments and accessories.

  • Lace

    Lang's Lace goat mohair and silk is spun with superior quality Soft African mohair. Lang selected high quality silk to ply with the mohair.

  • Lace Silk

    Lace Silk by Hand Maiden Fine Yarns is the epitome of fine silk lace weight yarn. Lace Silk has a soft silky hand, lots of drape and is hand dyed in stunning colors.

  • Luna

    Celine, metallic and yarn yarn by S. Charles makes a wonderful addition by carrying it along with another yarn or by working Celine double-stranded for an ultra glitzy project!

  • Malabrigo Mohair

    Malabrigo Mohair combines Malabrigo's intense and bright colors with the softness and loftiness of mohair and silk.

  • Marvelous Mohair

    Marvelous Mohair combines Emma's Yarns gorgeous hand-dyed techniques in this stunning lace weight base of 72% mohair and 28% silk fiber. Hold single, double, or with another fiber for added interest.

  • Mohair Luxe Lame

    Mohair Luxe Lame by Lang Yarns is a luxurious mohair and silk blend with a sophisticated touch of sparkle.

  • Mohair Luxe Paillettes

    Mohair Luxe Paillettes is a superb blend of super kid mohair, wool & silk, with matching sequins. Mohair Luxe Paillettes may be worked single, doubled or carried along with another yarn for a truly magnificent result.

  • Sensai

    Sensai by Ito Yarns is a delicate mohair yarn blended with 40% silk giving it a luxurious sheen and light as a feather loft. Work with Sensai for lace or for light and elegant knits.
  • Suri Silk

    Emma's Yarn Suri Silk is soft, fluffy, and a great alternative to their Marvelous Mohair for anyone who has allergies or prefers not to work with mohair! Work Suri single stranded or hold with a strand of another yarn for a gorgeously soft halo of texture.

These delicate lace weight yarns for knitting range from superwash hand-dyed baby merino to stunning alpaca in solid, tonals, and variegated color blends.