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Cotton 4 Ply Gorgeous Snuggly DK
Snuggly Replay Snuggly Spots (Closeout) Snuggly 4ply
Supersoft Aran Raindrops
From the UK, Sirdar is know for its quality yarns and for creating new, fun fashion yarns and colors for every season. Combined with their own line of patterns, Sirdar offers delightful knit fashions for adults, babies and children for knitters of all abilities.
  • Cotton 4 Ply

    Sirdar Cotton 4 Ply is a mercerized soft cotton yarn which has great stitch defininition. Sirdar Cotton 4 Ply is perfect for adult, children, baby and home projects, it is machine washable.

  • Gorgeous

    Sirdar Gorgeous is a wonderfully soft and cozy ultra super chunky yarn. Gorgeous is perfect for chunky accessories. The Gorgeous ball band has a free pattern for a trendy snood on it.

  • Snuggly DK

    Snuggly DK is a washable DK weight blend of acrylic and nylon. Snuggly DK is soft and gentle, and comes in baby fashion colours as well as classic pastel shades.

  • Snuggly Replay

    Snuggly Replay by Sirdar is a cotton/acrylic blend ideal for active kids. Cotton conducts heat away from the body while acrylic creates a lighter yarn for clothes that are easy to wear, whatever the day’s adventures. Add in machine washability and Snuggly DK makes a great kid's yarn.

  • Snuggly Spots (Closeout)

    Snuggly Spots by Sirdar has all the softness of Snuggly DK with a pretty spot pattern. It comes in a range of softly patterned shades that are ideal for both boys and girls knits.

  • Snuggly 4ply

    Snuggly 4ply is the perfect quality yarn for tiny and new born babies first hand knits. It is soft and gentle, and comes in baby fashion colours as well as classic pastel shades. Snuggly 4 ply will keep its quality through machine washing and tumble drying.

  • Supersoft Aran Raindrops

    Supersoft Aran Rainbow Drops is a fun speckly Aran weight yarn designed specially for babies and toddlers. 100% acrylic, it combines durability with extra softness which is kind to baby’s skin.