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Enjoy curated colorful kits curated by Emma's Yarns for the latest projects by trending designers.

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Casapinka Talk to the Paw Kits Casapinka Talk to the Paw Kits

Talk to the Paw is a small asymmetrical triangular shawl; perfect for mini skeins. Think of this as a colorful neckerchief, great to wear on cool summer evenings or with your favorite sundress. Talk to the Paw is an beginner shawl pattern; mostly garter stitch.

Our Price: $32.50
60 in stock!
Ice Cream Social Kits (knit) Ice Cream Social Kits (knit)

As refreshing as a scoop of ice cream on a hot summer’s day is Lisa's Ross' new shawl pattern, Ice Cream Social. Six colorful mini skeins and two full skeins of Emma's Sock Yarn play together to create a breezy accessory with eye-catching appeal. Emma's has curated sweet kits for your consideration. This asymmetrical triangle uses unique shaping within the lace and garter stitch to create a large, lightweight shawl with beautiful drape, perfect for eating ice cream on a breezy evening.

Our Price: $118.80