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Cima Dune (Closeout) Pebble
Silk Cloud (Closeout) Reed
Based in Portland, Oregon, Shibui Knits is a sophisticated yarn company, focused on unique fibers and texture combinations and modern knitting patterns for knitters of all skill levels. 'Shibui' means "elegant with a touch of bitterness" in Japanese, a sentiment they strive to bring to all of their products. Their use of luxury fibers combined with classic, flattering silhouettes highlights the beauty of their yarns.
  • Cima

    Cima by Shibui Knits is spun from the finest baby alpaca and merino. Cima is a springy lace weight yarn that combines sharp stitch definition with creamy softness.
  • Dune (Closeout)

    Shibui's Dune yarn is a gorgeous combination of camel, alpaca and silk fibers in a lovely plied textured. Add Dune to your next Shibui Mix project or use Dune alone. The prominence of baby camel entwined with the sheen of silk forms a deeply hued yarn, that knits into a rich fabric - one that undulates in rhythm to the earth.

  • Pebble

    Shibui Pebble is a trio of scrumptious fibers; cashmere, fine merino, & recycled silk, spun into a tweedy mix. Separate plies of each fiber retain their distinctive characteristics, but blend into a unique yarn speckled with deep tonal colors. Perfect for colorwork, lace, and an innumerable variety of garments, Pebble is light and irresistibly soft.
  • Silk Cloud (Closeout)

    Silk Cloud by Shibui is well named for its glossy silk & wispy kid mohair fibers uniting in this luminous lace weight yarn. Silk Cloud can be knit alone for incredibly light lace projects, or held alongside any Shibui Knits yarns to add a soft glow with lots of texture.
  • Reed

    Reed by Shibui is a soft and smooth 100% linen chainette fingering weight yarn with a subtle sheen that works up with a lovely drape for warm weather garments and accessories.