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Dreamz 10" Straight Knitting Needles

Dreamz 10" straight knitting needles by Knitter's Pride come in a range of radiant colors, color coded for easy organization and identification. Perfect points, flawlessly tapered make Dreamz 10 inch straight needles perfect for every yarn weight. Lightweight, strong & flexible with a polished wood surface works effortlessly with every type of yarn without slowing down knitting rhythm.
Packaging: Set of 2 Symfonie Dreamz 10" long Single Pointed Needles Range of radiant colors for mix-n-match or organizational options.
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Dreamz 10" Straight Single Point Set
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Dreamz Single Point 10" long set of Single Pointed Straight Needles in sizes US 2.5 - US11 (3mm to 8mm). Dreamz needles are lightweight, yet strong & durable. Their perfect points are flawlessly tapered making Dreamz Knitting Needles an ideal needle for all yarns weights.

Knitter's Pride Symfonie 10" long straight knitting needles are the epitome of colorful wood knitting needles for the needle fashionista!

Dreamz 10" knitting needles are made from laminated birch, which provides a strong and stable needle shank.

Lightweight laminated birch provides hours of comfort while you knit.