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DK Transitions (Closeout) Frolicking Feet Transitions (Closeout)
Done Roving's mission to their customers is to provide a vibrant, happy yarn of the finest quality with the focus on domestic product wherever and whenever possible. They aim to maintain a 50% or greater domestic product line up for you. Done Roving researches all sources and provide only the safest and cleanest methods of production to bring into their workspaces. Done Roving began this operation as an "organic" farm and maintain this philosophy for their family-run business. Done Roving currently maintains a 75% volume of domestic product and will continue to strive to improve on that percentage. They believe in U. S. manufacturers and farmers and want to support their efforts.
  • DK Transitions (Closeout)

    DK Transitions are cakes of DK 100% superwash Merino yarn made of several colorways air-spliced together to create a smooth transition of color as you knit. DK Transitions are available in a lovely array of colorways and come in a clear boutique box with an opening so you may knit the cake directly from the box.

  • Frolicking Feet Transitions (Closeout)

    Frolicking Feet Transitions is a combination put-up of 4 amazing colors of Frolicking Feet, in a 480 yard pre-packaged cake producing a 4 color block transitional effect for your next sock yarn project.