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American knitter (and shepherd) Susan Gibbs lends not only the name of her farm, but her expertise in fine wools, to this growing yarn line. The yarns are supported by design support from the latest & greatest designers from Ravelry.
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Amar Pattern Pamphlet Brekken Pattern Pamphlet El Seyf Pattern Pamphlet
Amar Pattern Pamphlet
Our Price: $6.00
Amar is a lovely transitional knit skirt knit top down seamlessly in the
round. Its a breeze to knit and a perfect skirt to add to your
wardrobe. Amar features Juniper Moon Farm's yarn "Zooey", a linen/cotton
DK weight blend.
Named after a poem by Christine De Luca, "Brekken" is a triangular stockinette shawl with eyelet rows for interest. This simple shawl is easy to memorize and the perfect accessory to grab on your way out the door. El Seyf is a multi-wrap short sleeved versatile cardigan which is easy to knit and wear. The cardigan may be worn several ways.Shown in Juniper Moon Farm's linen/cotton blend yarn, Zooey.
Ete Pattern Pamphlet Forsyth Pattern Pamphlet Gean Pattern Pamphlet
Ete Pattern Pamphlet
Our Price: $6.00
Gean Pattern Pamphlet
Our Price: $6.00
Ete is a stockinette stitch, scoop neck knit top with an open back
featuring Juniper Moon Farm's yarn "Zooey", a linen/cotton DK weight
A fun color-block hat and scarf set that is perfect for knitting in front of the TV or in social settings. A fun set of fingerless mitts and hat featuring a twisted stitch leaf pattern that works up very quickly. The clever twisted stitch pattern is reminiscent of the leaves of the "Gean" tree.
Sommer Pattern Pamphlet Spens Pattern Pamphlet Tam Lin Pattern Pamphlet
Sommer Pattern Pamphlet
Our Price: $6.00
Spens Pattern Pamphlet
Our Price: $6.00
Sommer is a sleeve sweater with a chevron design featuring Juniper Moon Farm's yarn "Zooey", a linen/cotton DK weight blend. Named after the popular Scottish ballad Sir Patrick "Spens" about Queen Margaret returning home across the North Sea, this accessory set features a lovely cable detail around the edges symbolizing the two coasts and a “sea” of stockinette. This wrap is named after the ballad in which an elf is returned to human form by a maiden. The lacy motif reminds of the forest where "Tam Lin" lived.
Torridon Pattern Pamphlet Triermain Pattern Pamphlet Virmonda Pattern Pamphlet
The easily memorized chevron pattern with contrasting stripes used in this quick-to-knit set evokes the mountains and the sea as described in Algernon Charles Swinburne’s poem “Torridon Loch”. "Triermain" is named after a poem by Sir Walter Scott about a knight seeking to rescue a maiden in a deep enchanted sleep.
This slouchy hat and generously-sized scarf feature a Celtic cable and can be worn by either a man or a woman.
This triangular shawl features a striking geometric lace pattern. Keep it in the over air-conditioned office or save it for a special night out, either way you’ll love being able to wear "Virmonda".
Xiaji Pattern Pamphlet Yaz Pattern Pamphlet
Xiaji Pattern Pamphlet
Our Price: $6.00
Yaz Pattern Pamphlet
Our Price: $6.00
Xiaji is a lace tunic dress pattern featuring Juniper Moon Farm's yarn "Zooey", a linen/cotton DK weight blend. A transitional weather caplet/cowl set featuring Juniper Moon Farm's yarn "Zooey", a linen cotton blend.