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Chic-a Bags
  Chic-a 18" Point Bag
  Chic-a 9" Triad Mini Tote
  Chic-a 9" Zipper Pouche
Chic-a is committed to producing high quality, useful products that will withstand the test of time. Each product design has undergone multiple revisions to ensure maximum use and functionality. Fabrics are carefully selected and combined to create colorful and exciting products. Each item is hand sewn to exacting standards.
[sheek-ah] adj. 1. style, innovation, and fun, especially in practical elements such as project bags and totes.
Chic-a 18" Point Bag
The Chica 18" Point Bag was designed specifically for needlework projects and its large capacity makes it perfect for so many other uses as well!
Available in 6 fabric selections to select from.
Product Dimensions: 18” x 18” flat, no gusset.
Chic-a 9" Triad Mini Tote
Chica's Triad Mini Tote is fun and handy for your small projects. So convenient to take with you!
Available in 6 adorable patterns to select from.
Product dimensions: 9”L x 4”H x 3”D
Chic-a 9" Zipper Pouche
Chica's 9" zipper poche are practical bags, far from ordinary pouches! These cheery zipper pouches are as versatile as they are fun.
Use them for knitting accessories, small projects, patterns, files, coupons, notes, ideas, even banking!  The list could go on and on…
Select from 6 fun patterns to suit your taste. Great gift item!!!
Product dimensions: 9"L x6" H